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The Crossroads Journal


An 18-page digital journal, downloadable and printable PDF for anyone feeling lost, stuck, or torn while contemplating (or probably overthinking) a major life change


This class is for the creative woman who has big life goals, and does not want to settle for an ordinary job behind an ordinary desk with an ordinary 9-to-5 routine.

Our big goal is to be able to do what we love, and maybe... even make a living from it: as a blogger, entrepreneur, side-hustler, or freelancer.

But do you have what it takes to make that incredible passion project happen?

You've probably experienced this dozens of times, maybe even on a daily basis.

There you are, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, when you see yet another interview or article or blog post -- about this creative woman doing incredible things, and living the dream, which is: pursuing her passion while creating a successful career.

Even if you don't want it to, a little voice sounds off in your head:
"Ah, she's amazing. What in the world is she doing right?! I've been trying my very best, but why can't I seem to get there, too?"


If you’ve been trying (maybe for years!) to:

Start/build your own blog
Publish your own book
Launch your portfolio
Start a freelancing side-business or online shop
Teach & earn from workshops
Learn Photoshop or Illustrator or video editing
Improve your lettering/painting/photography skills
and all these other creative passion projects...

...that you can't seem to find the time or motivation for.

It can get pretty discouraging to see other people who just seem to be so motivated and flawlessly succeeding at pursuing their passion, building an audience online, and knocking out life goal after life goal after life goal.

you silently and frustratedly think, as you Google article after article, devour how-to's and listicles and lifehacks and productivity tips... You try to implement some of them -- but none of it seems to work or stick!

You often end up:
overthinking, procrastinating,
and achieving a whole lot of

What are you doing wrong?
Why does it work for others...
but not for you?



  • "Maybe I just don't have what it takes."
  • "Maybe I'm just not good enough - there are so many similar people who are way more talented."
  • "I guess other people can do it because they're rich and have bigger capital. They have an unfair advantage."
  • "I guess other people can do it because they're well-connected. Unlike me."
  • "I guess other people can do that because they're not burdened with the responsibilities I have to deal with. I'm a mom/breadwinner/provider -- I don't have the same luxuries as they do."

I get it.

It's way too easy to stew in these self-sabotaging thoughts, especially when you're just going at this alone. That happened to me, too.



One of the biggest mistakes of many goal-setting methods is that they go straight to the practical stuff: make plans, lists, calendars.

But I've designed a Why-Driven method, which begins with (and give a lot of emphasis to) really thinking about your motivations, where you're coming from, to make sure that if you're making plans and a roadmap -- you're actually facing in the right direction!

The best plans fall flat if you're going in the wrong direction, chasing the wrong goals in the first place.

AND Is packed with easy-to-follow action steps that you can do immediately

Yes, there's a lot of introspection here, but we all know thinking and hypothesizing about something won't budge you from where you are.

When you’ve finished all the lessons, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to move forward.

You'll have worksheets and spreadsheets that you can use and tweak immediately, and even some very concrete examples/case studies that you can learn from to apply to your own situation.



I’m Arriane Serafico, and I’m the founder of Braver Goals.

I work with why-driven women who have this amazing desire to make this world a better place, and have all these creative ideas —

but don’t have a great understanding of how to turn those ideas into tangible things or services that people will understand, share, and buy, or how to translate that purpose into a story & a marketing/business strategy that attracts and resonates with the right people.


A 3-day course on setting bigger, braver goals - from self-discovery to putting systems & structure in your day/life: For overthinkers who lack focus and follow through

You're invited to the
Braver Goals Bootcamp: Batch 6

This bootcamp is for you if you want to:
  • Get unstuck from overthinking your life & what the heck you're going to do,
  • Move past some sort of unmotivated/lazy slump, a creative rut, or a really, really paralyzing quarter life crisis
  • Pivot your career (quit and start your DREAM job)
  • Start a side hustle/project you’re really passionate about
  • Get this idea that’s long been in your head, out into reality
  • Finally, finally, for once: COMMIT to an idea and see it through

But you REALLY struggle with:
  • Being so intimidated by this goal because it feels “too big," and "you don't know where to start"
  • Turning that idea into a plan, because “you’re not organized enough”
  • Feeling undecided about what you really want to do; or having too many ideas and being confused about which ones to pursue
  • Getting stuck scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, feeling bitter, instead of getting better
  • Losing steam or momentum or motivation somewhere down the road
  • Sticking with a project until the end

Question 1.jpg



I understand that you're busy -- and that's EXACTLY what I was thinking about when I re-designed the Braver Goals course. I broke down each module into bite-sized steps and lessons, so you only need 15 minutes in a day to complete each mission.

You can easily go through one video/task in 15 minutes while you're having your morning coffee. (...instead of mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, wink wink)

It can total to about 60-90 minutes of learning & personal growth each week. (I mean, that's a really great way to spend one hour in a week, if you ask me)

To give you an idea, if you really don't have a lot of time, and can only devote 15 minutes a day, here's a sample timeline:

If you devote 15-30 minutes of focused time each day everyday to doing class work - say while you're having morning coffee or while doing your skincare routine, you can finish it in 2.5 weeks or less (17 days).

Day 1: Course Prep (preparing materials, making time in your schedule)
Day 2-3: Mission 1
Day 4-5: Mission 2
Day 6: Mission 3
Day 7-8: Mission 4
Day 9-15: Mission 5
Day 16: Mission 6
Day 17: Mission 7

I also provide other suggested timelines inside the course (i.e. if you only have weekends free, or if you have a bit more time to devote to it). See? We really guide you through setting yourself up to succeed!

Question 2.jpg



And THIS is exactly why you need Braver Goals. If you're an overthinker and procrastinator and unfocused and trying too many things at once – this is for you.

This bootcamp's main goal is to teach you the techniques, structures, and systems so you can get better at FOLLOWING THROUGH and actually finishing what you start.

It guides you through putting systems in your day and your life, so that you can get really clear on what you really want to do with your life right now (instead of trying to pursue a million things), overcome overthinking, improve your focus, strengthen your commitment, and FOLLOW THROUGH.

I was able to do in 3 months, what I've been dreaming of and pushing back for the last 4 years.

When I signed up for Braver Goals, my goal was to earn a minimum of Php15,000 in my side-business. I ended up earning Php29,970 in the final month! This is an achievement in itself, because I've never, in the last 5 years of running this biz, earned this much in just 1 month!

Another Braver Goals win for me is: After eight loooooooong years of building up the courage to begin again, I've finally launched my blog! When I finally finally finished everything last night and launched it first thing this morning, I actually cried. Even I couldn't believe I finally finished it.

I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for joining Braver Goals last year. You have really helped me to be where I am right now. :) My overall attitude in conquering and making my plans happen have improved a lot. My organization/management and goal-setting skills have improved immensely as well.

I was able to do in 3 months, what I've been dreaming of and pushing back for the last 4 years.

- Eura, blogger, entrepreneur, and super mom from Dubai

I went from "I can't" to "why not".

When I started the Braver Goals course, I was finishing my thesis for my senior year in university. Since then, I was able to save and earn PHP 7,000+ from transcription and writing jobs, and create and share 2 song covers on Facebook! (Among many other wins!)

I think that a number of the changes that I saw in myself this year was sparked by being part of the Braver Goals community and having that accountability to action and putting my ideas out there (and not just letting them rot inside). 

The best way I can describe my Braver Goals transformation is - I went from "I can't" to "why not". I didn't realize how afraid I was or of how many limiting beliefs I had about what I could and could not do. I was basically talking myself out of the game even before I started playing (which is completely ridiculous looking back now).

I just want to say thank you so much for your mentorship & for Braver Goals, I think it really put me on a path where I actually act on my ideas and dreams.

- Lian, teacher, singer, and aspiring filmmaker from Manila

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"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today."

We totally understand - maybe this is not yet your (financial) season to invest in the full Bootcamp experience. But here's an option to help you get started TODAY.


My Bravest Year Ever Workbook (a.k.a Your Adulting Roadmap)

What's inside:

  • A printable workbook to help you plan and visualize your whole year -- and make it your bravest year ever

  • And because it's printable - you can use and reuse for ALL years to come (unlike those Starbucks planners, which you need to buy every single year)
  • Comes with journaling prompts & guide questions to help you do a comprehensive (adulting) roadmap for your life
  • Monthly and quarterly progress trackers: A full template of questions + rating systems so you can do a review of your goals/growth/progress every end of the month
  • A Braver Goals calendar to plot out your big goals for the year
  • BONUS! You will receive monthly reminder e-mails from The Purposeful Creative team, to keep you accountable to do your monthly reviews for the rest of 2018 ;)

Braver Goals is a 2-part journey:
There's Level 1, and Level 2.

We recommend going through both levels in order, but you can also just choose to take part in whatever feels like what you need most in your life right now.

What's in Level 1, and what's in Level 2?

  1. Course Level 1:  Braver Goals: Plan & Organize Your Bravest Year Ever - Discovering and articulating your North Star (self-discovery + goal calendaring)

  2. Course Level 2: Braver Goals: Launch Your Passion Project - Figuring out how to get to your North Star (self-discovery + project management + strategy)

There are also 2 ways you can go about it:

  1. On your own: Go the Self-Study route (completion time is 10-21 days)

  2. With a group of like-hearted accountability partners + a mentor - Join the VIP Community (for a 7-week guided run of the class + other activities)


Scroll down for more details

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If you're not quite ready for the whole course yet, there are also other ways you can start on smaller versions of the Braver Goals experience

A 78-page interactive, printable workbook (PDF only)

workbook - image clickthrough.jpg

Workbook only: PHP 750

Braver Goals Level 1 ONLY:

A 2-hour self-discovery class on figuring out your life goals & roadmap

P&O Course Thumbnail.jpg


  • Have a structured guide (complete with worksheets and journaling prompts) to getting really honest with yourself -- and what you really want to accomplish in life
  • Be able to declare your true North Star for this year -- no more wishy-washy, I-wanna-do-everything-but-I-don't-know-where-to-start paralyzing feelings!
  • Get a walk-through on how to set up your Annual Goal Calendar (so you don't just start strong -- but you actually stay consistent)
  • Learn a system on how to keep track of your progress




  • My Bravest Year Ever workbook (70 pages of exercises and prompts and templates)
  • Monthly progress trackers
  • Quarterly progress trackers
  • Monthly reminder e-mails from The Purposeful Creative team so you can be held accountable to your goals!
  • 3 How-To Videos in Your Toolkit:
    • Video #1: How to automate your goals to reach your money and fitness goals
    • Video #2: How to pick a passion project when you have way too many ideas
    • Video #3: How to articulate your idea so you can confidently share it to other people

Braver Goals Level 1 only: PHP 1,750

Braver Goals Level 2 ONLY:

A 2-day crash course on how to launch a passion project: For unorganized overthinkers who lack focus and follow through

PP Course Thumbnail.jpg


  • Feel confident and ready to launch your Passion Project!
  • Learn how to prioritize your goals -- which is particularly helpful when you find yourself having SO. MANY. THINGS. you want to do, but can't seem to focus on anything... and you end up achieving nothing.
  • Have a project management template to follow that will help you organize ANY passion project you will work on this year -- 'til forever!
  • Learn how to achieve that ever-elusive follow through so you can actually commit to finishing your big ideas (instead of just starting and then fading away), and make sure you take consistent action on your plans
  • Learn how to overcome fear of failure over time -- it IS possible! Learn how to frame your goals so that it minimizes your fears, as well as your perfectionism and overthinking


  • The Passion Project Planner
  • Periodic e-mail reminders from The Purposeful Creative team to help you remember to keep working on your Passion Project!
  • 3 How-To Videos in Your Toolkit:
    • Video #1: How to automate your goals to reach your money and fitness goals
    • Video #2: How to pick a passion project when you have way too many ideas
    • Video #3: How to articulate your idea so you can confidently share it to other people

Braver Goals Level 2 only: PHP 3,000

Self Study Banner.jpg



Braver Goals 

Level 1 + Level 2

A 3-day course on setting bigger, braver goals - from self-discovery to putting systems & structure in your day/life: For overthinkers who lack focus and follow through

BG Self Study Bundle.jpg


  • Level 1: Plan & Organize Your Bravest Year Ever
  • Level 2: Launch Your Passion Project
    Both courses (Levels 1 & 2) include lots of examples, stories, and case studies so you can see the concepts applied in different situations.

  • The Braver Goals: My Bravest Year Workbook
  • Passion Project Planner
  • 3 How-To Videos in Your Toolkit:
    • Video #1: How to automate your goals to reach your money and fitness goals
    • Video #2: How to pick a passion project when you have way too many ideas
    • Video #3: How to articulate your idea so you can confidently share it to other people
  • 5 Case Studies + 3 Q&A Videos
    • Share your idea confidently: How to promote your project on social media without feeling sleazy
    • Find like-minded people: How I organized a small meetup and found like-minded people
    • Find your purpose: How I asked other people to help me identify my purpose + expertise
    • Passion to Profit: 4 ways you can turn a blog into a profitable passion project
    • How to organize your very first profitable workshop

Self Study:
PHP 3,750

my recommendations banner.jpg

Which one should you join?

My recommendations:

  • If you're someone who's starting/started a passion project but find yourself overthinking or procrastinating all the time...
    • The one I would recommend you take is the FULL program, covering Levels 1 and 2, because that means you get access to the whole Braver Goals journey (and both workbooks, too!). You also save quite a good bit of money.
  • If you're someone who's looking for a sense of direction (kinda don't know what to do next in life)
    • Level 1 is a great place to start. This is meant to help you discover your North Star.
  • If you just want to get better at project management and organization (because you're often all over the place and can't follow through!)
    • I'd recommend Level 2!
    • If Level 1 was about determining your North Star, Level 2 is an in-depth course on how to get there. Level 2 is designed to help you MAP OUT -- in clear, concise steps -- your journey towards your North Star.
    • More than just a goal-setting class, Level 2 is also about self-discovery and project management. Here, I share with you my exact strategies for how I make my projects happen, the techniques I have to make sure I follow through, and how I keep going even in the laziest and most unmotivated of days.
    • You would, of course, SAVE the most money and get the most value - when you enroll in the FULL self-study program.




BG SelfStudy Reg.jpg


What makes Braver Goals the best goal-getting bootcamp for me?

You'll get guidance with generating ideas

'Just do it! Don't be afraid to fail!' -- how many times have you heard this advice? Instead of just vaguely telling you to "make your ideas happen," this class will SHOW you exactly how. There will be brainstorming techniques (internal, and external), and fun challenges.

Learn a timeless strategy that's a catalyst for bigger things

The methods I teach are life skills that you can apply to ALL aspects of your life: It can help you become a self-starter and a leader in your work, your organization, your family, or your group of friends!

Less fluff, more implementation

My teaching style is clear, simple, practical, and very, very actionable. I get to the meat of the lesson without unnecessary noise & pomp -- because I know that you will learn best by DOING. Less info-overwhelm, more action!

Examples galore!

Most of the time, we need to see a learning concept in real life, in action, in different situations -- for us to fully understand how it works. I learn that way, too. So when I teach, I include A LOT of examples & case studies (and video walkthroughs!).

"After the Braver Goals course, not only did I get incredible changes in mindset (I feel more empowered and inspired) - I experienced tangible transformations as well.

I now have more clarity & focus in the direction I want to steer my creative career towards. Instead of just dreaming up plans in my head, I've actually done concrete steps like holding workshops, doing designs for my next collection, finally setting up my Facebook page.

I still have a lot of things on my to do list to achieve my goals but at least now, there’s clarity of goals and intention, and there’s a detailed action plan... ALL THIS, because of our exercises and discussions with Arriane! The thought of being accountable to another person really helped me commit & follow through."

full-time craft biz owner and super mom

Before #90Braverdays, I was so insecure and really wondered if people will even pay me for my work. Then I just started telling people that I am selling &  offering design services and people responded.

From just an idea, I’ve started earning from my art, I’ve grown my Instagram following, and started putting myself out there a lot more.

So thankful for all the guidance, feedback & support from Arriane & the rest of the awesome girls from the course! Braver Goals was suuuuuch a great investment for my personal growth. The price is so worth it!

has a full-time job, and side-hustles as an artist and designer


I've had this idea for a book for the longest time ever. When I joined Braver Goals, I decided to finally start working on this big dream of mine.

My Braver Goal for 90 days was to write 51,300 words -- so that meant writing 500 words a day.

By following the Braver Goals system... I got to 60,000 words in just 90 days! I accomplished that probably 10x faster than if I had opted out of this #90BraverDays challenge.

In the course of this challenge, I learned to just show up even when it was hard, when I was uninspired, or just plain unmotivated. I have the tools and the right mindset now. I almost feel like I can do anything!

student leader and author


In the beginning of the course, I felt almost out of place. I felt like I had no passions! I really had no idea what I enjoyed doing. I was interested in lots of little stuff, but nothing that felt anywhere near raring to go.

Braver Goals gave me that mindset shift - that "figuring things out" comes after trying, and not the other way around -- it got me to this passion project that I’d gladly wake up early in the morning for!

Now, I have my very own self-published book!

self-published author and super mom (