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This is for anyone who struggles with keeping New Year's promises to herself.

Yep. I mean you.


I know that list. You know the list I’m talking about.

THAT list of good habits you’re going to develop or change this year:


You’ve written down THAT list before. Like, a lot. Every single New Year.

Except - instead of actually doing it all the way through - that list becomes YET another season of your long-running Netflix show entitled:

‘To All The Resolutions I’ve Forgotten Before

Meanwhile, your Big Goals ride off into the sunset, happily holding hands with other people who actually were able to follow through. “Some people are just more disciplined,” you reason, while chomping down on a potato chip.

And so you sit there, better habits STILL not in place, scrolling through Instagram, doing a little bit of online shopping (oops), just double-tapping on #fitspos and #lifepegs and #travelgram’s because… well — you’re still stuck in the same old I’ll-Do-It-Tomorrow cycle.

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Habits are tricky, tricky little animals.
See if you’ve seen this scene play out before…


First few days of January:

The excitement runs high when we first attempt these “life changing habits” -
look at you go, you eager little beaver!

You dutifully tick off Day 1 - feeling super pumped, and confident that the rest of the days (on your shiny new notebook/planner, of course) will be amazing.

Fast forward to Week #3…

Your notebook last on your desk, beckoning to you… but you avoid it, trying to pretend it isn’t there.

Huh? Notebook? What notebook?, your voice high-pitched and heavy with guilt… Guilt that your habit has, once again, been eaten up alive by other shiny new distractions, or the demands of daily adult life.


Let’s just be real:
It’s very hard to keep promises to yourself.


At the end of the day, it’s so easy to say: I’ll do that tomorrow — because well, no one’s watching. No one’s going to call you out, or fire you, or punish you — if you don’t keep the commitment you made to yourself.


But what if you had a #gogettergang —

(except it’s not really gang-ish because we’re um, kinda nerds, tbh) — who you can hang out with (albeit virtually), who will hold you accountable to progress reports, and cheer you on and help you up when you’re drowning in self-doubt or laziness?

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The right environment & support group can turn your year (your life!) around


Believe me. In my experience: having driven, like-hearted people who GET you and your vibe, and absolutely don’t judge you for this “self-help silliness” —

that’s what makes the difference between never finishing anything you start… and actually BUILDING MOMENTUM & CONFIDENCE so you can set yourself up for more challenging goals.

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Habit Accountability

A 30-day accountability group & learning community for women who are trying to build better habits, such as: exercising regularly, eating better, meditating more, saving more money — so they can live their best life


If you’re someone who:

  • Wants to develop better habits around money, or fitness, or productivity/mindfulness

  • But struggle with keeping yourself accountable

  • And lack support from people in your immediate environment (*gives lakwatsera enabler friends a knowing look*)


Don’t worry: I've got you. 😉

We're going to help you:

  • take what you learned from the year that has passed (the good AND the bad),
  • distill those into key learnings,
  • and use them as a foundation for getting more intentional - and committed - to developing better habits this year.

You’ll decide on the FIRST habit that is the most important for you to build right now. (Because amateur mistake #1: Trying to change too many habits all at once.)

Plus, I’ll group you into a mini-team of other ladies with a similar goal as you — so you can keep each other accountable AND you can make go-getter friends!

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How the bootcamp will work:


  • Jan. 17-19: Deciding On Your 1st Habit

  • Jan. 20-21: Meeting Your Mini-Teams

  • Jan. 22: Day 1 Kickoff (30 days of accountability)

  • Jan. 22-Feb. 21: Team Progress Reports every Sunday

  • Feb. 21: End of the 30 Day Challenge



Erika and Paula are 2 ladies who decide to join the Habit Accountability Bootcamp.

Paula Sample.png

Paula wants to build the habit of hitting 10K steps everyday on her Fitbit.

Erika Sample.png

Erika is trying to build the habit of saving at least PhP 20 per day


Erika will be grouped with 5-6 other ladies who are also working on money goals,

while Paula will be assigned to 5-6 other ladies who are also working on fitness habits.

  • Through carefully designed systems (which we’ll teach you once you’re inside), each team will be able to track each other’s progress throughout the week.

  • Every Sunday, we’ll have a progress report/check-in inside the bigger classroom, where each of the teams will update the whole class about how they’re doing.

  • By the end of the 30 days, we’ll have a mini online celebration to celebrate each other’s progress!


BONUS! Because you’re also receiving the My Bravest Year e-course, you get the bonus freebie of receiving monthly email reminders for the entire 2019! That’s a whole freaking year of accountability emails! (That’s an incredible bonus.)

These e-mails will nudge you to answer the monthly progress trackers included in the workbook.

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“This workbook’s monthly reviews/goal trackers always, ALWAYS help me get my sh*t together every month.”

- Rizza Lana, Braver Goals alumni


This program is currently closed. We will be back soon!