How the bootcamp will work:


If you enroll in Self-Study, you will get access to the videos, modules, and the downloadable Passion Project Planner.

But if you enroll for the Follow Through Bootcamp community, you will be going through the course with a new set of driven, like-hearted women. Here’s what the calendar will look like:



bg level 2 timeline.png
  • Jan. 17-19: Class Preps

  • Jan. 21: Meeting Your Mini-Teams

  • Jan. 22: Day 1 Kickoff (30 days of accountability)

  • Jan. 22-28 (Week 1): Missions 1 to 2

  • Jan. 29-Feb 4 (Week 2): Missions 3 to 4

  • Feb. 5-11 (Week 3): Mission 5 to 6

  • Feb. 12-18 (Week 4): Mission 7

  • Feb. 21: Graduation + Presentation of Passion Project Calendar

  • Feb. 24: Passion Project Party & Meetup*



Jamie and Katie are 2 ladies who decide to join The Follow-through Bootcamp.

Jamie Sample.png

Jamie wants to finally launch that blog she’s been thinking about for YEARS.

Katie Sample.png

Katie is promising herself to start offering freelance photography services so she can start earning extra income.


Jamie will be grouped with 5-6 other ladies who are also working on similar goals

while Katie will be assigned to 5-6 other ladies who are also working on freelance goals.

  • Through carefully designed systems (which we’ll teach you once you’re inside), each team will keep each other accountable throughout the week.

  • We will have a class calendar to follow, to make sure that everyone is working on their passion project planner.

  • Every Sunday, we’ll have a progress report/check-in inside the bigger classroom, where each of the teams will update the whole class about how they’re doing.

  • By the end of the 30 days, we’ll have a mini online graduation to celebrate each other’s progress! So for example, by the end of 30 days, Katie will have a full project management plan and calendar for how she can get her freelance services rolling, she’ll have deadlines and to-do’s for how she’ll get her first clients. And at the end of 30 days, Jamie will be able to confidently present her plan for the next 3 months - how many blog posts she needs to write, by when, how often she wants to publish, how she’s going to promote her blog on social media, and the like


BONUS! If you qualify for the Fast Action Bonus period (until Jan. 14), you will also get an invite to our private meetup + passion project party!


Only 30 spots available


To help you decide on which learning experience is best for you, here’s a comparison table:

comparison table - bg level 2.png