How much time do I need to devote to this?

For the accountability group, all you need is 2 minutes every day to give an update to your team. And maybe an extra 3 minutes to cheer your other teammates on, of course! So - 5 minutes daily. Doable, right?

This also comes with a goal-setting online course called “My Bravest Year.” The modules are uploaded inside a private classroom, and if you sit down and binge-learn this, Netflix-style — you can finish in about 3-5 hours (complete with snack breaks).


How long will I have access to this?

The pop-up Facebook group will last for the duration of the 30-day challenge. So from now until February 21. See the calendar of growth above to review the key dates.


How long will I have access to the My Bravest Year course?

For 1 whole year! Unlike an in-person workshop, where in you just attend for 1 workshop, and then bye, you go home -- in an online workshop, you get access to the course content for one whole year.

That means you can re-watch, re-read, re-take any of the missions any time you want.

Why is access just for one year? Based on our experience & feedback from MANY batches, we’ve learned that putting a finite timeline on access promotes TAKING ACTION instead of just knowledge hoarding.

Student feedback has been that they feel more lax and complacent if they know it’s going to be there forever; and feel more motivated by urgency to act when they know they have a deadline.

  • All the course content is uploaded inside a members-only site.

  • There will also be a pop-up Facebook group that will be open until Feb. 21.

  • The workbook is downloadable as a PDF that you can print out & answer with a pen.

  • All content is mobile and tablet friendly! You can read, watch, or listen on the go (if you enroll in the learning plan with videos and guided modules).

  • If you’re on iOS, you can also download the Teachable app, and view the modules from there.

What format does the challenge come in?


Just to make it clear, this program isn’t a one-on-one coaching program - so there won’t be individual feedback.

Due to popular demand, we included the option to avail of personalized feedback as an optional add-on. You may view the rates above.

Will I get personalized coaching or feedback?


Check it out below.

Do you have a refund policy?