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One of my biggest gripes when I was starting out five years ago?
I desperately, desperately wished there was someone who could answer my questions, give me honest, experience-based advice that's specific to my context and skills, and teach me the stuff that I didn't learn in school.

I didn't have a mentor until very late in the game, and so this time around, I'm changing that for other creatives like me.


I now offer Confidence & Clarity Sessions:
a one-on-one strategy session with you that's a mix of business coaching with a big heaping of life advice -- where I help you get clearer about what's next for your brand and for YOU.

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This is an opportunity that I offer EXCLUSIVELY for students enrolled in my courses

In the past few years, I’ve only offered this one-on-one strategy session ONLY to more established companies.

But I've decided that I will offer this -- but ONLY for current or past students of my online courses, and -- at a teeny-tiny fraction of the cost of what I charge for my brand consulting services.

I want to give more young creatives a leg up, so they can get a real shot at succeeding at what they want to do.

I’ve seen far too many extremely talented & hard-working creatives give up just because nobody cared enough to help them up, or give them strategic (and challenging!) advice. 

I'm holding these private sessions so you can:

  • Get clear on what's keeping you stuck (and struggling!)
  • Guide you through identifying your very, very, very specific and tangible Ideal Audience (this is where it all starts!)
  • Identify & prioritize what next immediate steps are most strategic for you so you can focus on the RIGHT things (specific to your context and business; so that you're not wasting time and resources!)
  • Get personalized tips for how to move your business forward

And THAT looks like:

  • MORE CONFIDENCE in pushing forward and talking about what you do
  • MORE TIME & MONEY & ENERGY SAVED because you can focus on the right things, right now - instead of wasting your time on things that don't really matter
  • LESS STRESSING about what you're doing wrong, or why nobody's buying/hiring
  • LESS FRUSTRATION because you'll no longer feel like you're flailing around blindly in the dark
  • MORE PROFIT because you have a business strategy that works, because it's personalized specifically for you
The invaluable thing that I got from the strategy session that I can't get anywhere else, was that Arriane asked INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS that really made me think hard, made me uncover the most honest of my desires and goals for myself and for my business.

She has a gift for really squeezing out honest answers from you: answers that you were too afraid to admit to yourself. I had so many lightbulb moments and ideas within those 45 minutes!

I found myself really reconnecting & remembering why I want to pursue this in the first place. Now, not only am I clearer about what I want to do, I feel like my passion has been reignited!

- Denise, entrepreneur from Davao
Getting on a phone call with Arriane got me so excited about my project again. It was such an eye-opening conversation... it was nice to have someone to talk to about what I'm trying to do, and what I'm struggling with.

She transformed my feeling of overwhelm - into a clear and doable plan.

- Christel
new mom, aspiring entrepreneur

Consultation sessions with Arriane are interventions, pep rallies, and counseling sessions all rolled into one. She gives valuable (and actionable!) insights -- she gave me several useful techniques on how to price my freelancing services.

[What sets her apart is that]... you know that she experienced setbacks herself, and overcame those in the process of pushing other women to achieve braver goals.

- Lausanne,
ad agency employee + writer + side-hustler


Last 1 out of 5 spots open for September

And since it's the LAST month of the #PDBchallenge, this is also the last month I'll be offering a Current-Student Discount of 45% off.

After September, this will still be available periodically to alumni students, but at full price.

45% OFF September Special Offer for current PDB students:
First come, first served!

5 SPOTS ONLY Only 1 out of 5 spots left
For only $81.95

Usually $149: That's a whole PHP 3,400+ OFF!

This is a really good deal for a 1-on-1 life+strategy session! What better way to invest in your brand/business than to get mentorship on your next action steps for your growth?


*This is non-refundable, as there are only 5 spots per month & it's on a first come, first served priority basis.

I’m the typical creative who would get excited about an idea, research endlessly about it, pin lots of pegs... then fall short on actually doing it. That changed when I started working with Arriane.

She doesn’t lay it out for you (heads up: she won’t!) but that’s actually the best part -- instead of just giving you the answers, she works with you in rethinking the way you see your obstacles -- AND THEN she makes sure that you really act on your plans.

- Jodit
e-commerce manager + designer + side-hustler

1. Book your session via credit card, Paypal, or BPI bank deposit.

2. Once you've settled your payment, schedule your Skype session.

You will get an e-mail with a link where you can choose from different schedule options. The session will be conducted via Skype.

3. When booking the date, make sure to answer the questionnaire and identify the challenges you want to discuss during the session.

I have a list of common business obstacles for you to choose from, and this will just make sure that our session is clear and focused. This does not mean we won’t touch on other topics, but to maximize our 45 minutes, we need one clear directive, one clear problem to solve. Focus is an entrepreneur’s best tool — ALWAYS.

3. At your chosen schedule, we will have the call over Skype!


How does a confidence + clarity session go?



Sounds like what you need right now?

*Remember, I'm only taking in 5 people at this 45% off rate!

If you want to pay via BPI bank deposit, please email us at with the subject line: September Strategy Session.


This is for you if:

  • You've gone through the e-course, and need extra guidance/feedback on whether you're going in the right direction, or what your next steps could be
  • You have one solid side-hustle idea, and are 100% ready to start selling your products/services, you just don’t know where to begin.
  • You have an existing side-hustle, but you suck at marketing your services.
  • You have an existing side-hustle, but you’ve hit a wall (nobody’s buying, not getting any more clients, etc).
  • You have an existing side-hustle, but need help with pricing yourself right.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You have NO solid idea, and just want me to help you pick an idea from your list, or worse, think of your idea for you.
  • You expect me to answer how you can "find time" for your side hustle or biz. Look. I can help you with strategy and actions. But I don’t have a box full of extra time that I can just dole out to you in a Dropbox folder. If you can’t make time for your hustle, then maybe it’s not that important to you, which means you’ll just be wasting my time.
  • You just want to waste my time by asking for my advice but not really acting on it. I don’t want to work with people who want guidance, but are not willing to do the work. I cannot do the work for you.

But phone calls scare me! Also, Arriane seems intimidating. *tiptoes away quietly*

Haha! Well, that's one thing we have in common: I'm not a naturally comfortable "phone person" too! But I promise it's not scary or intimidating.

Want to know what I sound like?

I'm only offering this session to 5 people for September (at 45% off for current students of Purpose-Driven Branding).

What kind of people have you helped before?

In the past 2 years, I’ve worked as a consultant for select companies and small businesses, and have gone through a lot of failed experiments, successful campaigns, all types of marketing techniques, and discovered a few secrets on how to grow a raving audience.

By working with R2R, a fashion enterprise, we got clear on their message and their ideal client, and we were able to grow their Instagram followers from 2,000+ to 12,000+ in a little over a year.

But more importantly: we grew their online sales from PHP2,000/month... to an average of PHP80,000/month.

I’ve also done special consulting with individuals with side-businesses: For example, one of my students just started selling Korean beauty products as a side-business (outside of her day job). We strategized about how she can find customers: specifically through maximizing pop-up shops.

She ended up earning PHP30,000+ from one bazaar weekend, and got 70+ people to sign up for her NEWSLETTER!

Just recently, I was working with an artist & crafter who had a steady stream of sales, but she had no real strategy, because she had NEVER tracked her sales and expenses (for more than 3 years!).

We talked about systems she can put into place so she can better track her revenue flow.


Got questions I haven’t answered here?

Write me at and I’ll be happy to help. My business hours are M-F 9am to 5pm EST/US, and I strive to respond within 24 business hours.

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