Don’t know how to turn your skills or ideas into something people will actually pay for?

Maybe you have many different passions, and don’t know how to blend them all together into a business or product idea that feels uniquely you?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

This is a very exciting part of the journey - you’re right at the beginning, figuring out your strengths, your skills, your uniqueness. I know it can seem overwhelming, and you MAY have already done a lot of introspection about this.

But if that introspection has turned into overthinking – and you need more examples and guide questions to help you through the brainstorming phase, we recommend starting out with Level 1 of our Purpose-Driven Branding program. It is called:


Find Your Unique Blend

A 3-hour workshop to discover how your skills, ideas, and experiences can blend together into a business idea that feels uniquely you.

After taking our Purpose-Driven Branding classes, one of our students wrote back to us and said: “I feel like all the different facets of myself are coming together into one story that's uniquely me.”

You can get there, too.


Is Level 1 the right fit for me?

As I mentioned, this is Level 1 of the entire program. Purpose-Driven Branding has 3 levels, and this is where I recommend that you start if you don’t have a strong business idea yet.

Levels 2 and 3 are most useful for people who have more or less decided on what it is they want to sell, whether that’s a particular product or service.

Level 2 is called Build Your Brand Story, and Level 3 is called Grow The Right Audience Online. You can choose to enroll in the classes one by one, leveling up as you go, or purchase all 3 at the same time at a discounted early bird price, to get more value for your money, and to have a more continuous learning experience.