Do you feel overwhelmed trying to stand out in an already saturated market?

Do you always hear the advice: “FIND YOUR NICHE” – but don’t know where to start, or maybe feel scared to niche down because you might not be able to make any sales or get any clients?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

I struggled with this, too. (Boy, did I ever.)

And I want to help you overcome that - and avoid the countless mistakes I made for over 5 years. That’s why I definitely recommend starting with Level 2 of our Purpose-Driven Branding program. It is called:

Build Your Brand Story

After taking our Purpose-Driven Branding classes, one of our students wrote back to us and said: “I landed 3 new clients in just a few weeks after applying what I learned in this workshop to my content strategy – without paying for ads!”

You can get there, too.

Is Level 2 right for me?

As I mentioned, this is Level 2 of the entire program. We broke Purpose-Driven Branding into 3 levels, so that you can tailor-fit your learning experience based on where you are and what you need right now.

And I feel that Level 2 is the best place for you to start if you already have an offer or a product - but you need help with really identifying your niche in the marketplace, and communicating your value so that you can start getting more clients.

Level 1 (Find Your Unique Niche) is most useful for people who DON’T have a business idea yet, and are just in the brainstorming phase, and Level 3 (Grow The Right Audience) builds on the Core Brand Story that you create in Level 2.

You can choose to enroll in the classes one by one, leveling up as you go, or purchase all 3 at the same time at a discounted early bird price, to get more value for your money, and to have a more continuous learning experience.