The Purposeful Creative

“I feel like all the different facets of myself are coming together into one story that's uniquely me."


This workshop will teach you how to blend your diverse interests and skills – into a cohesive idea that’s uniquely YOU.

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If you’re feeling lost about what it is that you’re really good at, or if you want to “pursue your passion” as a career, but can’t even articulate what your passion is (what more make it profitable)...


You’re not alone.

You just need a little guidance, a structured framework, and a little magic from some spreadsheets -- and you’ll find YOUR unique blend. It’s possible.

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I just want to say thank you to Arriane. Before taking the Purpose-Driven Branding program, I felt lost and confused about what I want to do with my life. But this class really made me think – not only about my personal brand – but also about who I am, what I’m really passionate about, and which direction I want to take in the future. From a point of insecurity and fear, enrolling in this class was like giving myself permission to finally take my passion seriously... It’s so liberating to be able to shake off the fear (“can I really do this?”) - and finally let myself dream big for my brand and myself.
— Leni dela Cruz, Fashion Designer
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The main reason why I decided to join Purpose-Driven Branding was that I wanted to find a way to kind of marry the three things I did together: I wrote books about travel, I painted things about the places I traveled to, and well, I went to those places. Through the course, I learned how to integrate all of that into a more cohesive brand.

After the course, I now feel like all the different facets of myself (that I thought were unrelated) are coming together into one story that’s uniquely me.
— Carla de Guzman, Author
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Defining my core brand message as clearly as I could & purposefully sharing it with others as consistently as I can were two of the biggest changes I made while taking the Purpose-Driven Branding course — and dang did it make a difference.

But the biggest transformation I experienced after taking the course was in the confidence I now have about who I am; my voice, and my message.

Some of my wins during the first few weeks of posting content that was clear and consistent with my core brand message: Two of my favorite inspirational influencers online followed me back and left me a personal message about my posts. also, I actually got to have amazing in-real-life conversations about mental health with those who are also struggling with their own conditions.
— Regina Mison, Mental Health Advocate
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Before I started PDB, I was already without direction. I didn’t know what to do.

The activities in the workshop really helped me with this process. It got me out of my comfort zone and realize what I really wanted to do. It gave me the confidence to fully launch my passion project and newest solo business. It gave me the direction I needed: it broke the process down for me and slowly laid the bricks on the road one by one. (Or two by two, since you did share with us your research and led us straight to several more bricks down the road.)
— Jaq Abregas, writing coach



Purpose-Driven Branding: Level 1



A Workshop That Helps Multi-Passionate Individuals Come Up With A Business Idea That Blends Who You Are, What You’re Good At, and How You Can Give Value That’s Uniquely YOU


Want to start a business, but unclear about what exactly to pursue?

Are you multi-passionate, but struggle with coming up with a cohesive idea that blends all those things together in a cohesive way?

This Find Your Unique Blend Starter Class is exactly what you need.

Believe me, from one multi-passionate individual to another, it IS very, very possible for you to blend your diverse interests and skills – into a cohesive idea that’s uniquely YOU.

My Story

I know how that feels. I started out as a nobody who was interested in too many things: I had LOTS of passions – but no audience, no money, no special connections, no mentor.

I really wanted to pursue my passions full-time, but was so hesitant because I always felt like I didn’t know what exactly to sell/do, and if people would even want to pay for it.

But after 6 years of doing everything as a hobby, I finally decided to take the brave leap – and found a way to take my many confusing passions, and craft it into one cohesive & unique story, that helped attract my dream audience.

In 2015, I decided to really, really narrow down my multi-passions into one core offering.

It was such a fulfilling & creative challenge to be able to find clarity & confidence in what I really wanted to do: Finally, I could tell people about what I do, without cringing, mumbling, or feeling awkward and embarrassed.

Since then, I’ve been able to grow my online community to 15,000+ creative women all over the world.

Not to mention, I have since earned over seven figures from my blog-turned-business. (I know. I couldn’t believe it either.)

But before I got to growing all of that – I first had to get clear about my core offering. My main business idea. And to get there,  I crafted some self-exercises: from internal brainstorming, to seeking external advice and ideas, and finally, synthesizing all of those things to help me make the decision.

These very same exercises are the same ones I’ll be teaching in this workshop. These are the activities, worksheets, and spreadsheets that have helped me to:

  • come up with ideas that were a unique blend of my passions and strengths,

  • narrow down my focus, and

  • decide which niche to launch my business in

BONUS: I even included an e-mail template – based off the one I personally wrote and sent – that you can use and tweak to send to your most trusted friends and mentors to help find out your strengths from an outsider’s perspective. It’s all written for you, you just have to plug and play!

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Inside this workshop, I've included a downloadable grading spreadsheet – one that I used to 'grade' my topics, which helped me see patterns, combination possibilities, and finally narrow down my one niche.

This spreadsheet also helps you assess whether this is something people might be willing to pay for in the future.

One of my students in the workshop said:

“After completing the Idea Funnel spreadsheet, I was able to figure out which of my many, many, many ideas are in my 'Pursue-Now's' and which ones are 'Pursue-Later's'.” This helped me get unstuck from overthinking too much, and FINALLY move forward.”

See the screenshot of her Idea Funnel below:

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  • All the video trainings and worksheets

  • 1-year access to modules






  • All the video trainings and worksheets

  • 1-year access to modules

  • Get personalized feedback on your class output

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When does enrollment close for the Purpose-Driven Branding program?

Registration for the workshops will end on Nov. 27th at 11:59PM SGT.


How much time do I need to devote to this?

If you sit down and binge-learn this, Netflix-style — you can finish in about 4 hours (complete with snack breaks).

You may also choose to devote 30-60 minutes each day for each module — if you choose this, it will take you about 4-6 days. You can also pace yourself even slower and go through one module a week! (Busy moms, we see you: the latter might be the most feasible schedule for you.)


How long will I have access to the course?

For 1 whole year! Unlike an in-person workshop, where in you just attend for 1 workshop, and then bye, you go home -- in an online workshop, you get access to the course content for one whole year.

That means you can re-watch, re-read, re-take any of the missions any time you want.

Why is access just for one year? Based on our experience & feedback from MANY batches, we’ve learned that putting a finite timeline on access promotes TAKING ACTION instead of just knowledge hoarding.

Student feedback has been that they feel more lax and complacent if they know it’s going to be there forever; and feel more motivated by urgency to act when they know they have a deadline.


What format does the challenge come in?

The 'Missions' will be delivered in written modules inside a members-only site. There are worksheets that are also downloadable as blank PDFs that you can print out & answer with a pen.

All content is mobile and tablet friendly! You can watch or listen on the go.

If you’re on iOS, you can also download the Teachable app, and view the modules from there.


But Arriane seems so intimidating! *tiptoes away quietly*

Haha! I get that all the time -- but I promise it's not scary or intimidating.

Want to know what I sound like? CLICK PLAY BELOW.


Will I get personalized coaching or feedback?

Just to make it clear, this program isn’t a one-on-one coaching program - so there won’t be individual feedback.

Due to popular demand, we also enabled individual feedback and critique on your class output as a course add-on. You can purchase it as an add-on if you enroll in Level 2. It is NOT available for Level 1 or Level 3.

If you’re REALLY interested in an even deeper 1-on-1 coaching program where I will work on your branding strategy WITH you (with weekly coaching sessions) — we do offer this at a more premium price. This is by application, so if you’re interested, you may email our team at with the subject: One on one coaching.


What kind of people have you helped before?

In the past 3 years, I’ve worked as a consultant for select companies and small businesses, and have gone through a lot of failed experiments, successful campaigns, all types of marketing techniques, and discovered a few secrets on how to grow a raving audience.

By working with R2R, a fashion enterprise, we got clear on their message and their ideal client, and we were able to grow their Instagram followers from 2,000+ to 12,000+ in a little over a year.

But more importantly: we grew their online sales from PHP2,000/month... to an average of PHP80,000/month.

I’ve also done special consulting with individuals with side-businesses: For example, one of my students just started selling Korean beauty products as a side-business (outside of her day job). We strategized about how she can find customers: specifically through maximizing pop-up shops.

She ended up earning PHP30,000+ from one bazaar weekend, and got 70+ people to sign up for her NEWSLETTER!

Just recently, I was working with an artist & crafter who had a steady stream of sales, but she had no real strategy, because she had NEVER tracked her sales and expenses (for more than 3 years!).