• If you DON’T have a concrete business idea yet (for example, you’re still dabbling into many different things and can’t seem to consolidate into a clear offering or product), we suggest starting with Level 1: Find Your Unique Blend.

  • If you already have a clear (or mostly clear) business idea - but need help with articulating a clear, concise, and value-oriented brand story that will help you stand out AND connect better with people… then you’re best off starting with Level 2: Build Your Brand Story.

  • If you’re very clear and happy with your brand and brand story currently, but just need help with your social media and marketing strategy — you can move on and start with Level 3: Grow The RIGHT Audience.

  • If you’re interested in BOTH Level 2 and Level 2, AND also want to be part of a meetup, live coaching call, PLUS get a free 2-month Instagram content calendar… then the Community Access option is for you. (Btw, this is a limited offer - we only have 5 spots left for this batch)

  • Want to get feedback on your class output? Personalized feedback is available as an add-on if you take either Level 2 or the Community Access.

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