So you’re a creative entrepreneur or freelancer. Maybe you’re already been at this for a while, or maybe you’re just starting out.

But maybe you feel overwhelmed trying to differentiate yourself & attract a better, bigger audience in an already saturated market? Or you don’t feel good about sometimes having to lower your rates just to be able to get clients to choose you over the competition?

Don’t worry. YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

I struggled with this, too. BIG TIME.

And I want to help you overcome that (and avoid most of the mistakes I made over the last 5 years, so you can grow faster). That’s why I definitely recommend starting with Level 2 of our Purpose-Driven Branding program. It is called:

Build Your Brand Story

A 3-day workshop to strengthen the CORE of your brand and business: Your core brand story. This includes your unique value proposition, your target market, and your core pillars of content creation.

After taking our Purpose-Driven Branding classes, one of our students wrote back to us and said: “I landed 3 new clients in just a few weeks after applying what I learned in this workshop to my content strategy – without paying for ads!”

You can get there, too.