“I *KNOW* I want to pursue my passion and my braver goals, but finances are tight...”



Don’t worry, I understand. I’ve been there. I promise.

For me, it is so important to STILL invest in yourself and your learning -- no matter how small.

Because this becomes symbolic: it signals to yourself, your brain, your psyche, your mindset -- that you’re not letting your circumstances dictate your growth.

And so, even if finances were tight for me then, I’d still make it a point to join workshops where I can, buy books, get planners -- so even if they were small investments, it still felt like I was prioritizing myself and my growth.

So my recommendation for you is this: Start small. Start with the Braver Goals Workbook.


Braver Goals Workbook

  • Answerable in 3-5 hours.
  • By the end of the workbook, you’ll be able to clearly articulate your long-term goals and priorities, and align yourself with your North Star.
  • This is a printable PDF with all the:
    • goal-setting templates
    • reflection guides
    • journaling prompts
    • goal calendar
    • and progress trackers (monthly and quarterly) for the entire year
  • YOU CAN USE THIS FOREVER! You can use and reuse for this year, and for all the years to come.

You will also receive monthly email reminders for the entire 2018 to nudge you to answer the monthly progress trackers included in the workbook. It’s a great way to get accountability and regular reminders through your inbox!

Only available until August 5, 2018